About Me

Hi there! I’m Caroline - a food obsessed creative living in the city that never sleeps. 


In 2008 I abandoned a plan to go to culinary school and decided food can always be a hobby, because thankfully we always have to eat!  My first jobs in New York involved A LOT of running around the city- which opened my eyes to the abundance of food all around me. Inspired by my sister, @Howtolovecooking,  I started sharing my discoveries on instagram, and a few months later @Chromatic.caroline was born. 


In 2015, I moved to NYC with a suitcase and a dream and have never stopped eating the endless exciting food the city has to offer.  


Caroline has previously contributed to Waddle- "In Uncertain Times a Doughnut Brigade Bonds over Cronuts®"

For media kit, general inquiries or just to say hello: Chromatic.caroline@gmail.com 


For photos, blurbs, and stories follow me on IG: @chromatic.caroline